I see you have requested setlists for dates that I have already submitted to BMI Live.

Concerts that do not make the Top 300 remain payable through BMI Live, and BMI generally advises to submit to BMI Live if Top 300 eligibility is unclear.  Accordingly, there are often instances where a concert has been submitted for payment through BMI Live, but is in fact going to be proactively paid via the Top 300 distribution. In these instances, two things happen:

  1. The BMI LIVE event is marked “no pay, Top 300.” This is something affiliates can see in the BMI Live app.
  2. BMI seeks to use the setlists submitted to BMI Live for use in the Top 300 distribution.

So, if you’ve already submitted to BMI Live, you don’t NEED to submit again. However, we will gladly accept the setlist via Muzooka, in addition to the BMI Live submission.