Report concert setlists and claim performance royalties.

Through our event and ticketing partnerships, Muzooka knows when and where artists play live. We will contact you after a show, and with just a couple of clicks your setlist will be submitted for proper live performance royalty payouts.

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Royalties for every performance

Millions of dollars are unclaimed by artists every year and a lot of concerts around the world are not properly reported to PROs. Muzooka is the most efficient way to ensure that the money collected by PROs for live performances is properly claimed by songwriters and rights-holders.

Unclaimed live royalties by artists.

Your event data, automatically entered

Muzooka saves you lots of time entering event data. Every night Muzooka syncs tens of thousands of events from our official ticketing partners, such as Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, AXS, and more.

Event data aggregated into Muzooka.

Report reminder notifications

After an event, we’ll send you a notification reminding you to submit your setlist. In most cases we already have your event data ready, cutting the duration of the process to seconds!

Notification reminder to report a setlist.

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