Making sure songwriters are paid properly.

Muzooka works with publishers and collecting societies, bringing transparency and fairness to the world of live performance royalty distributions. We collect data for millions of events every year including performers, venues, ticketing information, setlists, and more.

Our recording to composition matching technology is second to none. Powered by a database of 150M+ recordings and 50M+ musical works, along with proprietary, AI-enhanced algorithms, Muzooka makes proper connections where others fail to.

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Automatic Events Monitoring

Muzooka automatically tracks performances of the songs in your repertoire in order to ensure proper concert setlist reporting to collecting societies around the world. We also scan your income statements to ensure that every payment was received. 

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Recording to Composition Matching

In this age of digital music delivery, proper matching is crucial in order to monetize any repertoire of musical works. From DSPs to UGC platforms like YouTube and TikTok, collecting for every possible digital spin is the only way to maximize revenue from those assets. With a database of over 150M+ recordings and 50M+ works, and our AI-enhanced matching engine, Muzooka generates the best matching results in the business.

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