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Muzooka helps the biggest brands in the world ensure that artists always look great on websites, apps, televisions, and vehicle dashboards.

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 "name": "Sample Artist",
 "city": "Los Angeles",
 "province": "California",
 "country": "United States",
 "website": null,
 "bio": "This is a Sample Artist! Use it for testing of your integrations.",
 "id": "mz68qK5NMP",
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Worlds largest, verified artist asset database.

Our fast-growing database of over 2 million musical acts and comedians explains why top industry brands use Muzooka artist profiles to power their customer experiences.

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Access to the artist photos you need right now.

No more endless searches for photos with proper clearances. Pre-approved, hi-res artist images, updated by labels and artist managers, are always available via our API.

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Webhook updates on the fly.

Always keep assets up-to-date across your platforms by using Muzooka webhooks. No more stale content, because we push updates to you.

High quality artist photos.

We want artists to look their best in your app. Muzooka tests all uploaded photos for resolution, branding, and ensures that they're safe for all ages.

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Minimum HD 2k+ image requirements to power larger infotainment screens.

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Safe for all ages

Image content is checked on upload to ensure they’re safe for all audiences.

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Minimal branding

Our team checks images to ensure they're high quality head shots, not promotion posters or graphics.


More commonly asked questions by customers.

There are two ways to lookup a profile on Muzooka:

Artist Search - Use an artist name or a portion of their name for a fuzzy match. For example: "name=foo fighters". The more popular profiles will be returned at the top for higher accuracy. We continually work to improve the quality of those search results and in most cases the first result will be the correct one.

Artist Lookup - Find an artist via their social accounts. For example, you have spreadsheet of artists and a Facebook profile link for each. You can perform a search of those social usernames for a match. Muzooka has numerous account types (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for each profile to ensure a high degree of quality matches.

See our API docs for more details and examples.

We recommend using the artist lookup to provide known social handles to match artists. If you don't have socials and only a list of names, artist search by text will work well for this. We suggest a manual review for the smaller artists to ensure a correct match has been made.

Muzooka allows for 25 requests/second, we can accommodate more upon request (please inquire with our development team during your integration).

Clients should respond to 429 (Too Many Requests) errors with exponential backoff.

Clients should pay attention to the rate limits (see Rate Limits).

If you can't find the correct artist profile using our artist lookup or artist search endpoints you can create a placeholder profile that will generate a permanent Muzooka ID. Our artist relations team will be notified on Slack and we will contact the artists management to update the assets.

Webhooks are the recommended method for integrating artist profiles into your product or service.

Otherwise, please refer to Muzooka's Developer Terms of Service (Section 12.2):
If you have permission from Muzooka to do so, and you are not using webhooks, you agree to check Muzooka for updates every 24 hours and update your local data according to any updates that have been made on Muzooka.

Webhooks are the best way to integrate Muzooka's API. They enable your app to receive automated notifications for changes occurring on any artist profile you are subscribed to. When an artist profile is updated on Muzooka, we will notify your system with all the changes (photos, links, bios, etc).

Alternatively you can make a direct request to a profile via Get Artist by muzookaId - to meet our developer Terms of Service you will need to check for updates every 24 hours.

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