Why is BMI requesting our setlists when my artist and songwriters belong to a different PRO?

BMI is requesting setlists for all top grossing concerts for the quarter, even if the songwriters of songs at those concerts were not BMI writers. BMI is committed to ensuring that any live performance royalties BMI collected are distributed to the proper rights holders, and knowing the setlists are the only way to ensure these are properly paid out. This holds true not only for co-written works, but even for setlists where no BMI songs may have been played and concert license fees were collected. It's not a requirement that you submit in order for your artists to get paid; BMI will still make best efforts to collect those setlists, but having an authoritative setlist from you will help streamline the process.

As a head start, Muzooka has populated each of the dates with crowd-sourced setlists so that each setlist doesn't need to be typed out from scratch and can instead be cross-referenced and adjusted where needed.