How does Muzooka help songwriters get paid?

Songwriters are owed a royalty whenever their songs are played in public. This includes live shows at bars, clubs, theatres, arenas, stadiums, and festivals. Performing rights organizations (PROs) charge venues a licensing fee for songs performed in their spaces, and those fees are meant to be distributed to the songwriters and rights holders connected to each show. Some PROs will pay out on songwriter claims for performances that happened up to 12 months ago. 

Muzooka makes it faster and easier for you to report a setlist for each event. Our system collects all of the information about the show that the PRO needs (venue and promoter details, ticket prices, lineup, etc), so all you need to do is tell us which songs you played. Using Muzooka, attach a setlist to a show and submit to your PRO in seconds for proper royalty payouts. We’ll even remind you after a show that it’s time to report, and with just a few clicks, you’re done!

Muzooka is 100% free for artists and managers to use. Let us help you collect the live performance royalties that you’re owed. 

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