Muzooka's Artist API has been updated to v2

November 30, 2018

Muzooka's Artist API has been updated to v2

We have been hard at work improving the Muzooka artist photo and assets API for our partners, and we are happy to announce the release of our v2 API.

The biggest change with this release is that we are moving to a single image endpoint. We also cleaned up the endpoint structure and invite you to review our API docs for more info on the changes. Below are the answers to a few questions you may have.

Why did we consolidate?

Listening to our users and API partners, we found that there could be confusion around which of the images to use. One photo means no mixups.  

Will you continue to support images on the v1 API?

Yes, all images on v1 will continue to be available until January 31st.

Will v1 continue to serve the latest images?

No. Starting today, whichever image has been selected by an artist or manager will be the only image served up by our API. We encourage you to update to v2 as soon as possible.

What happens after January 31st, 2019 with the v1 API?

Muzooka will be turning off the v1 API and requests will return a 410 code.

Who can I talk to if I have more comments/questions?

We invite you to contact us if you have any feedback or comments.