Muzooka Partners with SOCAN for Live Setlist Reporting

February 14, 2017

Muzooka Partners with SOCAN for Live Setlist Reporting

Muzooka is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with SOCAN for live performance royalties reporting and distribution.

As a songwriter, did you know that you are owed money every time one of your songs is played in public? SOCAN members receive royalties when their music is performed on the radio, on TV, in concert, in films, in bars, digitally, internationally, and pretty much anywhere else you hear music.

Some musicians don’t know that they are owed royalties when they play their own music onstage. Those that do, often don’t report their performances in order to receive that money. Muzooka and SOCAN are working together to make sure you get paid whenever your songs are performed live.

If you are a Canadian songwriter, you should be a SOCAN member. If you aren’t already, sign up now and start registering your compositions. You work hard writing your songs, now make sure you get paid when they get played.

Learn more from SOCAN.