Collecting your neighboring rights payments with IAFAR

January 13, 2021

Collecting your neighboring rights payments with IAFAR

Readers of this blog will know that Muzooka is committed to ensuring that creators are properly paid their live performance royalties. Our concert setlist reporting system is the fastest and easiest way for artists and publishers to submit their live events to performing rights organizations (PROs) around the world in order to be properly paid the live performance royalties owed to them. 

A logo for IAFAR - Independent Alliance For Artist Rights
Independant Alliance For Arists Rights (IAFAR)

Our friends at IAFAR (Independent Alliance For Artist Rights) are helping artists get paid a different way - ensuring they are properly remunerated for their performances on recordings. IAFAR is an organization that advocates for artists facing issues with neighboring and related rights. 

Neighboring rights are the rights related to the public performance of master recordings. They rights sit beside, or neighbour, the composition copyright of a work, and they apply to any audible contribution made on any sound recording. The artists who have contributed to the sound recording are due their equitable remuneration for that contribution.

IAFAR does not collect money, nor do they represent neighboring rights, nor do they register works with PROs. They do provide education and a community for anyone interested in learning more about collecting this important type of income for recording artists. Their members include artists, managers, lawyers, producers, and anyone involved in the business of recorded music. 

If you have appeared on a recording that is being broadcast or streamed, there is a good chance that you are owed payments related to neighboring rights. The community at IAFAR is a great place to learn about how to collect that money. 

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