Buma/Stemra & Muzooka Launch Setlist Reporter at ADE

September 4, 2018

Buma/Stemra & Muzooka Launch Setlist Reporter at ADE

Buma and Muzooka are teaming up to make it easier for songwriters, composers and publishers to collect live performance royalties when their compositions are played onstage and in clubs.

The Muzooka Setlist Reporter is a fast and easy way for DJs and other performers to report live shows for proper royalty distribution. Those at ADE can attend the official launch at the 10 Companies To Watch event.

Songwriters and publishers are owed royalties whenever their registered compositions are played in public. Buma is strengthening its commitment to its members by partnering with Muzooka to provide a better way to report live performances. Venues use Muzooka to ensure their Buma licensing fees are properly distributed to the artists playing their stages.

Each performance registered on Muzooka triggers a post-show reminder to the performer requesting a setlist submission. They quickly select songs or upload a DJ history file, which is sent to Buma along with verified show data for proper royalty distribution.

Muzooka is a digital platform where artists and their teams manage media assets on multiple platforms from one central dashboard. No more outdated photos, ancient videos or broken social media links. The Muzooka Artist Embed and Show Posters are dynamic promotional tools venues and festivals use to showcase talent and sell more tickets. Data collected by this system verifies where and when a live show is happening, what the ticket price is and which artists are on the bill. That information is then used by Buma to distribute live performance royalty payments properly.

“Muzooka is helping us solve the difficult problem of live performance royalty distribution,” said Rick Van Teylingen of Buma. “The process for reporting live shows has been time-consuming for artists, and verification has been a chore for us. DJ setlists have been particularly hard to track down. Muzooka gives every Buma member a way to claim the royalties they are due when their music is played live and that is very exciting for us.”

Buma and Muzooka are dedicated to ensuring songwriters and composers are paid when their music gets played. By streamlining the reporting process for live shows, these two organizations are supporting their members so they can continue creating the music that enhances our lives so much.

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