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Amsterdam Dance Event Powered by Muzooka

Christian Rutledge
October 15, 2017
Christian Rutledge

Muzooka and Amsterdam Dance Event have partnered to serve up artist-powered video for the world’s largest electronic music festival.

Fans can now view the latest videos by their favorite artists right on the ADE website. Discover your new favorite DJ by visiting the ADE artist directory and viewing their featured videos. Any artist performing at ADE can now choose which videos they want to feature on their ADE profile page by using Muzooka.

Muzooka and BUMA are teaming up at ADE to allow artists to submit their setlists directly to BUMA for payment. Reporting a show for proper live performance royalty distribution is now faster and easier than it’s ever been.

Learn more about Muzooka at the ADE Tech event, 10 Companies To Watch, on Thursday, October 19.

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