Aloompa and Muzooka Announce Partnership

May 13, 2019

Aloompa and Muzooka Announce Partnership

Event technology innovator, Aloompa, has integrated Muzooka's artist photos & assets API into their platform. Now, event promoters can quickly and easily access artist assets to add photos, bios, videos, and social media links directly into their festival websites and mobile apps.

Muzooka is where artists and their teams manage their own assets across multiple platforms from one central hub. A simple search-and-add function in the Aloompa ecosystem now offers seamless access to over 1.5 million artists on Muzooka - a number that continues to grow by the day.

“When I got a chance to see what Muzooka was doing, it clicked for me right away,” says Aloompa co-founder and CEO, Drew Burchfield. “Having worked at a booking agency and in management prior to starting Aloompa, I know the challenge of making sure everyone has the latest information for a particular artist. Since managers are already updating assets on Muzooka, it saves significant time for events to have that database at their fingertips using our tools. Instead of agents and managers needing to chase down artists for each individual event, we just let them grab the latest and greatest from Muzooka.”

Muzooka also automates the process of reporting setlists to Performing Rights Organizations for proper live performance royalty distribution.

“Without the songs, there are no music festivals,” Burchfield reflects. “Aloompa has always championed the artists that fuel all the amazing events that we power. Knowing that we are now also helping songwriters get paid when their songs are played onstage through this partnership with Muzooka is really important to us.”

Muzooka founder and CEO, Shawn Wilson, says, “Not only are we thrilled to be providing artist assets to Aloompa, we are also excited to have an even more robust dataset for the PROs. This partnership will save managers and promoters a ton of work, and it ensures that all those festival licensing dollars are now being properly allocated to the songwriters and rights holders whose songs make the whole thing happen. We think, and I hope they agree, that those are a couple of big wins for folks in the festival business.”