Using Muzooka to report your setlist, we have partnered with SOCAN for payouts of live performance royalties.

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What is SOCAN?

SOCAN serves music creators and publishers to ensure artists are licensed to play, and collects/distributes royalties in Canada and worldwide for live performances.

What is Muzooka?

Muzooka is an app to report your live performance setlists directly to SOCAN, quickly and efficiently.
We ensure that the money collected by SOCAN for your performances is properly paid out.

Why should I report setlists through Muzooka vs directly at SOCAN?
What are SOCAN's fees?

For music creators, membership is free when applying online. For music publishers, there’s a one-time membership processing fee of $50 (plus applicable taxes). Learn more about their fees in SOCAN's FAQ.

What are Muzooka's fees?

Muzooka is 100% free for artists and their management teams to sign up and report your live performance setlists to SOCAN.

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Money in your pocket

Muzooka is the most efficient way to ensure that the money collected by PROs for live performances is properly paid out to songwriters and rights-holders.