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Muzooka's photo guidelines

File Requirements

Photo Size: Minimum 2048 x 1024 pixels

Resolution: 72 dpi

File Type: JPG or PNG


Photo should be a high quality headshot, or group shot. Also safe for all ages (no nudity) and free of heavy text (no logos, touring dates, watermarks, etc.).


Muzooka automatically generates four different ratios from one photo: 

1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 21:9

What to Avoid

Blurry or low resolution photos (do not upscale)

No borders

No typography, branding, advertisements or watermarks

Quality Reviews

Your photo may be subject to admin review if it becomes flagged for either not safe content, or heavy text/branding.

  • Safe / Not Safe: If your photo is flagged by an admin as not safe, it will not be available to our partners and you will be required to upload a different photo.
  • Text / Branding: If you photo is flagged for text/branding, it will be available to our downstream partners but we recommend photos with headshots/group photos.