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Muzooka's API provides verified profile assets for the music and comedy industries. We help some of the biggest brands in the world to ensure that artists always look their best on websites, apps, televisions, and dashboards. Sign up to Muzooka and purchase a subscription to get started.

Muzooka is integrated with the largest ticketing, streaming and chart companies in the music business.

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Industry leading database and developer API

Our fast-growing database of over 2 million musical acts and comedians explains why top industry brands use Muzooka artist profiles to power their customer experiences.

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Access to the artist images you need right now

No more endless searches for photos with proper clearances. Pre-approved, hi-res artist images, updated by artist managers, are always available via our API.

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Webhook updates on the fly

Keep artists assets always up-to-date across your platforms by using Muzooka webhooks. No more stale content, because we push updates to you.

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HD Quality

Minimum HD 2k+ image requirements to power larger infotainment screens.

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NSFW Checks

Images are automatically checked on upload to ensure they’re safe for our partners.

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Text Free

Text detection to ensure high quality headshots or band photos are uploaded.

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