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When you update artist assets (photo, links, videos and bio) on Muzooka, we send those to our customers, powering millions of digital experiences. This includes ticketing platforms; festival websites and apps; radio, streaming and charting apps; vehicle infotainment and smart TVs.

Muzooka is 100% free for artists and their management teams.

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How it works.

Need some help getting started? Check out our getting started guide.

1. Sign up and add your official profile.

Once you've signed up, import a Facebook artist page or request access to a profile.

2. Update your assets (photo, links, videos & bio)

Review your photo, links, videos and bio; update any that need it.

3. Muzooka notifies our partners to update.

Our partners will receive a notification that you updated your assets. They will grab the most recent within 24 hours.

4. We'll remind you to keep your assets updated.

Now that you and your team are connected, we'll send reminders to ensure your assets are kept up-to-date.

Two profiles, one on Muzooka and one on Facebook.

Free for artists, labels & management

We're 100% free. No pay later schemes or upgrade plans for more features. We decided from day one to never charge artists to use Muzooka. We just want to make sure you look your best with our many partners.

Artist photo on a ticketing website.

Trusted by major brands

Muzooka works with the biggest names in media to help artists look their best on their platforms. Our list of partners is constantly growing, giving artists and their teams more control, in more places, all the time.

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