Simplified live performance, setlist reporting.

Through our industry partnerships, Muzooka knows when and where artists are playing live. We will contact you after a show, and with just a couple of clicks your setlist will be submitted for proper live performance royalty payouts.

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Connect your profile, we'll grab your event data and prepare your report automatically.


When a pending event has been found, we’ll send you a notification that your report is ready.


Select your setlist and submit to your PRO to start collecting your performance royalties.

Report anywhere using Muzooka's Facebook Messenger bot.

Report your live setlists in seconds using Facebook Messenger. You will receive a reminder after your shows to submit a verified report to your PRO for proper live performance royalty distribution.

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Money in your pocket.

Less than 5% of all concerts in North America are reported to PROs. That means millions of dollars are going unclaimed by artists. Muzooka is the most efficient way to ensure that the money collected by PROs for live performances is properly paid out to songwriters and rights-holders.

A growing network of PROs.

Muzooka is building a worldwide network of PRO partners in order to ensure that every show is properly reported and that live performance royalties are properly distributed to the songwriters and rights holders that earned them.

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