Drive up ticket and merch sales

Elevate your website using the Muzooka Artist Embed. Media-rich artist profiles are powered by assets managed by the artists and their teams. Live event coming up? Use the Muzooka Show Poster to promote quickly and easily across major social media platforms.

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Artist profiles that do the heavy lifting

No more outdated photos, ancient videos, or broken social media links. Outsource asset management to the people who do it best: the artists and their teams. No more chasing managers for content. Simply embed an artist's assets from Muzooka and your website lineup is up-to-date. Fans can dive deep into artist profiles, find exciting new talent and show up early to your event, which means more beer and hot dogs getting sold.

Colors and typography to match your brand

You invest time and money into your brand. Therefore, we make sure your marketing and development team can apply the correct styles into the Artist Embed.

Extend artist data with a custom API

Go further with Muzooka artist data and build a custom solution. Our public API supplies endpoints to match your creativity on any desktop or mobile platform.

Boost ticket sales using social media

Share video-powered digital gig posters quickly and easily to social media. Fans get all the information about the show, can preview any artist in the lineup, link to artist profiles and buy tickets all right in their own social feeds.

Be the unsung hero to your artist lineup

When you use the Show Poster feature on Muzooka, we capture all of the data required to report that event to a rights organization. Artists get a post-show reminder to submit their songs using our Setlist Reporter and the licensing fees paid by venues are actually paid to the artists that play their stages. Everybody wins!

The network effect

Our integrated partners are putting control back into the hands of artists and saving a lot of time and money for everyone in the music industry. As we continue to scale with our white-label solutions, everyone wins.

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