Artists power everything Muzooka

Manage your media assets across multiple platforms from our Page Manager. Promote your shows on social media with our Show Poster. Claim your live performance royalties from your performing rights organization with our Setlist Reporter. The best part? We will never charge artists to use Muzooka.

Continue free with Facebook

Your artist page, integrated everywhere

Use the Muzooka Page Manager to update your photos, videos and social media links across the web. Anywhere your assets are integrated, they update automatically. No more outdated photos, ancient videos or broken social links. You control your content, everywhere, instantly.

Smart team permissions

Your Facebook page permissions are synced to your Muzooka pages. Admins and editors have the same level of access on Muzooka. They can manage your page, create and distribute Show Posters and submit shows with the Setlist Reporter. No need to share usernames and passwords. Connect with Facebook and you’re ready to go.

Trusted by the best in the business.

Muzooka is powering some of the biggest names in the industry.

Show Poster promotes your live events

Share video-powered digital show posters quickly and easily to social media. Fans get all the information about the show, can preview any artist in the lineup, link to artist profiles and buy tickets, all right in their own social feeds.

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Show Poster instantly generates video-rich promotional tools that share quickly and easily to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All parties are automatically @mentioned, making cross-marketing seamless and pain-free.

Automatically synced events

To save you time, Muzooka automatically syncs all of your events from your Facebook page and via the Ticketmaster API.

Setlist Reporting in seconds

Muzooka is committed to helping artists grow at every stage of their career. By streamlining live performance reporting to your performing rights organization, we help songwriters and composers get paid when their music gets played. Submit the songs from your set using Setlist Reporter in seconds, and finally get paid the live performance royalties you earned.

How it works


Build a show poster and promote your upcoming live show to social media


The day after the show we send you an email reminder to report


Click on the link which loads our Setlist Reporter


Select your setlist songs or upload your history file


Click submit and that's it!

Reporting for DJs couldn't be easier

Export a history file from your decks, upload and submit. It’s that simple. We are working with manufacturers like Pioneer, Denon, and Native Instruments to ensure DJ setlist submission is automated, accurate and easy to do.

Everyone wins

When you create a Show Poster and include other artists on the lineup, they also receive a notification to report, making you a royalty payment hero.

Pushing the way forward

PROs around the world are committed to properly distributing live performance royalties. Muzooka is teaming up with innovators like SOCAN, BUMA, ASCAP and others to help make the process better for everyone.

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