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What's a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?

A Performing Rights Organization (PRO), also known as a performance rights society, collects royalties from businesses that host live performances and ensures songwriters and publishers are paid for the use of their music.

Performers or their management teams are required to provide a setlist of songs (both registered works and covers) and submit that data to the PRO in order to collect on the songwriter royalties. Muzooka automates that process by importing event data from our official ticketing partners.

How do I add my PRO ID on Muzooka?

  1. Click into the profile you want to add the ID too.
  2. On the left navigation, click 'PRO'.
  3. Click 'Add PRO' in the top right.
  4. Select your country, PRO and add your credentials.
  5. Return to the events section, you will now be able to submit your events.

A full detailed Wiki article about PROs can be found here: