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What are the classes I can style on the page embed?

You can override most of the classes however you like, here is a short list of the main embed items:

  • .band-page-image
  • .band-page-header
  • .band-name
  • .band-videos
  • .band-video
  • .video-card-title
  • .band-socials
  • .social-link
  • .social-icon

Class Details

Band banner - div

Image ratio is fixed to 21:9


Artist title wrapper - div

Default is centered


Artist title (h1)


Videos wrapper - section


Video single wrapper - div


Video title - h6


Socials wrapper - section


Socials link - a


Social icon - span

Note the social icon span wraps an svg, if you would like to change the social icon colors, you will need to do an svg fill. (.social-icon > svg)



No items found.