Getting Started Guide

Setting up and managing your profile.

Step 1: Login to Muzooka.

Step 2: You will be redirect to Facebook to accept their permissions, accept both the personal and 'Manage Pages' permissions.

Step 3: From the Page Manager, click 'Import a Page' in the top right.

Step 4: Click on 'Import' on the pages you would like to manage on Muzooka.

Step 5: Click 'Done', you'll now be able to click into and manage your pages.

Why does Muzooka require to manage my Facebook pages?

The Facebook 'Manage Pages' permission helps us verify that you have a validated association to the official Facebook artist page.

Why does Muzooka import Facebook pages?

  • Helps us validate all members attached to a page (each team member that has the ability to also login and manage the page).
  • We accept all users who are either an admin or editor of a Facebook page to be able to import into Muzooka.
  • Basic page information is imported from Facebook.

Don't see your Facebook pages?

Sometimes there may have been an issue with the sync. View this article for instructions on how to fix this.

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