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Setlist Reporting

How do I setup my SOCAN account for reporting?

Step 1: Make sure you've imported your page from Facebook, if you haven't yet please checkout this article.

Step 2: Click into your page

Step 3: On the left navigation, click on 'Reports'

Step 4: Click on 'PROs'

Step 5: Click the blue button in the top right called 'Add a PRO'

Step 6: Select 'Canada' from the dropdown and click on the SOCAN logo, click 'Continue'

Step 7: Enter your name, or another member and the associated SOCAN ID (must be 7 digits) and click 'Done'

Step 8: Muzooka will sync your registered works from SOCAN, you should see these songs by clicking 'Registered Works' on the left nav. You can also add your own songs manually.

Step 9: Click on 'Setlists' and add a setlist with your registered works (you can add multiples).

Step 10: Click on Reports, in the top right you can submit links to events for Muzooka to process for you.

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