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How do I create a lineup for my website using Muzooka?

Discover how fast it can be to build your directory or lineup using Muzooka's popup. Important: Add the Muzooka Client Script in your footer before the closing </body> tag on each page you want the popups to display.

Step 1: Login to Muzooka.

Step 2: Click on 'Directory'.

Step 3: Search for the artist and click on 'Embed'.

Step 4: Under 'Popup' copy and paste the html example.

Step 5: Paste this into your website, and clicking it will open a popup.

Step 6: Create a bunch of tiles in your code/CMS for example and wrap them with the links for each artist.

Tip: If you have a large list of artists, get in touch with us and we can assist in providing all of the artist ID's that you will require.


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