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How Muzooka helps you get paid performance royalties

If you've performed live in a bar, club, festival or other music venue recently (even as far back as 18 months), you could be collecting more songwriter dollars. Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) charge every location a fee (in some cases quite large) to ensure money goes back to the original songwriters of the performed works.

Muzooka makes it easier and faster for you to report your setlist for each event.

Lengthy and confusing PDFs or web forms entering venue addresses, phone numbers, missing promoter information are becoming a thing of the past through our easy to use interface and submitted directly to your PRO in seconds. We've partnered with major ticketing companies to automatically import your event data and remind you to report the day after your show.

Muzooka is 100% free for artists and their management, so let us help you collect those performance royalties.

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Which PROs can I report to with Muzooka today?

We're currently live with SOCAN and lots more coming soon. We're actively working on some big announcements soon with global PROs so login and add any PRO member ID today and we'll notify you when it goes live.

How much money can I make on royalties?

It could be from a few dollars, to hundreds or even thousands. Payouts are dependant on what venues you've played at, how often you play and what songs you've performed. We don't have hard numbers since every PRO has different distributions. Our mantra is that it should be fast to report

How do I get started?

Create your Muzooka account, even if you don't have your PRO member ID just yet you can still setup your profile. Then simply import your profile, add your PRO ID and then you can start adding events and submitting your setlists.

Other common questions

How far back can I report shows?

This is decided on by each PRO, for example SOCAN allows up to 18 months back when submitting through Muzooka. Other PROs may

Which PRO should I sign up with?

In Canada you'll need to sign up with SOCAN, in the U.S. there are reporting societies: BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. For a global list of PROs you can check this Wikipedia article.