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I don't see my Facebook pages

Common reasons:

  • You must be an admin or editor of the Facebook page
  • Muzooka requires the 'Manage Pages' permission (see below)
  • There was an issue with the sync of your pages (see below)

How to reset your Facebook permissions

Sometimes connecting with Facebook may have a permission error that would require us to try again.

Step 1: Login to Muzooka and head to your Page Manager

Step 2: In the top right, click the blue 'Import a Page' button

Step 3: Click 'How to fix this'

Step 4: Click 'Reset Facebook Permissions'

Step 5: You will be directed to Facebook, Click 'OK' to provide us the permission to your pages.

Note: Muzooka does not post any content to your Facebook page(s), this permission is required for us to receive basic page data like your banner, bio, artist hometown, etc.

Step 8: You will return to Muzooka where you can now import and manage your page.